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North Mankato Tables Discussion on Marigold Project

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A proposed six-story, 108-unit apartment complex faces the music in North Mankato tonight. One group of North Mankato residents says it's too big for its two-acre lot, and wouldn't fit in with the feel of lower North.
But supporters are pleased the lot, which has been vacant for over two decades, could soon have a purpose.

This space has been vacant for almost two decades, which is now used as a parking lot could soon be turned in a six-story apartment complex.

Residents in the area are concerned about the height of the building while supporters think it will be a huge asset to North Mankato." Steven Heairet says, " A six story building is an eyesore no matter how decorative it is."
The North Mankato City Council Chambers were filled with many concerned residents on the $17 million proposed apartment complex.

Barb Church says, "Your decision is going to effect this community for a long time we need to think through this."
"If you can work with this developer and come up with a better plan than lets do so, I'm not against the plan, I'm against the size and the scope of the project."

Portfolio Manager for Atwood Property Management, Matt Atwood says he understands people are concerned with change or building that will stand out but say this could bring more life to the city.
Matt Atwood says, "Mankato has a lovely downtown area that has been revitalized and business stepped in and helped area become full of life and that's what we want for North Mankato as well."

While the council seemed split on their beliefs with the project they decided to table it for now and schedule a meeting the Port Authority and wait on the bank's approval letter on the financing.

Atwood Management says they already have over 120 people interested in the news space and are on a waiting list.