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Red Cross Looking For More Volunteers To Send To East Coast

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The devastation we've seen in the last couple of weeks along the Eastern Seaboard seems far away but folks from our community are there helping to pick up the pieces. Although response has been good, the southern Minnesota Chapter of American Red Cross is looking for re–enforcements. Its an organization always ready to answer the call of need.

Rachel Kruger says, "This is a disaster that is going to last a while." So now the American Red Cross is asking for your help. Bob Meyer says, "As we all know, its hard, backbreaking work." Two dozen Red Cross volunteers from southern Minnesota are on the east coast helping with disaster relief efforts there. Bob Meyer says,"We've got to give those people a rest, so very soon we are looking at rotating those folks out and sending a new crew back in." Training is free, but volunteers must flexible. Rachel Kruger says,"We are looking for people are who physically and emotionally capable of handling the stressful situations that are out East." They offer such diverse services, that now special skills are needed.  If you would like to help, call 1–800–Red Cross.