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Lines Are Out The Door at Many Polling Places

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Americans are lining up at polling places around the country to cast their ballot after a long and bruising campaign for the White House, other offices and amendment issues.
In addition to the contest between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, every House seat, a third of the Senate and 11 governorships are on the line today.

While it has been steady at the polls here all day today, many voters are getting off from work around this time, and some polling places are expecting to pick up.

We spoke with the Blue Earth County Elections Director, Patty O'Connor earlier this afternoon who has been anticipating a hectic Election Day.
BEC Elections Director, Patty O'Connor says, "You look at the last national election, you look at your number but with redistricting it was more guess work this time, taking supplies out to precincts and we gave them 100 percent so we have a lot election day registration going on. It's wild out there."

Each presidential candidate needs at least 270 of the available 538 electoral votes to win the election. The get out the vote message of all candidates today reminding voters every vote counts.