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Aftermath of Voter ID Failure

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The other amendment on the ballot this year, a measure that would require a photo ID for voting.

That amendment failed after receiving only 46% yes votes on the ballots cast yesterday.
Polling a month before the election had shown a majority of Minnesotans supporting the Voter ID amendment, but it ended up getting even fewer yes votes than the gay marriage amendment.

The swing to opposition came late, meaning the ads, along with election officials speaking out, may have tipped the race.
Patty O'Connor, election director for Blue Earth County, says, "I'm glad it got voted down. There were too many questions that weren't answered and now the Legislature can sit down and discuss how it should be done if they want to do Voter ID and not change our whole election system with provisional balloting."

DFLers have stressed that they want voting reform throughout the debate over Voter ID, objecting instead to the constitutional nature of the amendment and perceived costs.
But if Republicans think it was a weakness, who knows?
Rep. Tony Cornish (R-Good Thunder) says, "Maybe the reason we lost - we tried to load too much onto the ballot with the two constitutional amendment proposals. I think that brought a lot of people out and a lot of money into the district and statewide that wouldn't have been brought in otherwise."