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Glendora Davidson is Lisa's Lights

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Each week, tucked between stacks of fabric, a group of ladies meets at the Mankato Church of Christ. Their mission: to find ways to piece together a better life for those less fortunate in our community.

Glendora Davidson says, "If nothing is going right, I just sit down and sew a seam and think…there something finally went right in the day." And she knows each seam she sews can help mend others. Glendora says, "You can give anyone a blanket, that's nice and it'll keep them warm but if you give them a quilt it shows that you've put forth a true effort and it makes them feel special." Glendora Davidson is part of Mankato Quilters, a group that has now made hundreds of quilts to give away to those in need in our community. Glendora says, "We just look for opportunities to give them away. We call Welcome Manor and they said they have someone to make adult quilts, but have none for the children. So we told them to make us a list, they gave us 31 names! So we are working on those to deliver next week. And we look in the paper, if someone has been burned out we'll take them a quilt and just if someone needs cheered up." It's a team effort, guided by Glendora. Eleanor Anderson says, "She has a huge heart for people and helping others." A huge heart, busy feet, and steady hands…Glendora Davidson, one of Lisa's Lights.