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Brightening Up Sibley Park for the Holidays

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Putting up Christmas lights on your house can be a dauntingtask--now imagine lighting an entire park.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights President Scott Wojcik says,"Just slightly bigger scale, that's all."

With close to 300 trees to light up, along with choreographedlights shows, and large holiday displays to set up, 'slightly bigger scale'might be understatement.

Wojcik says, "We've got 7 boom trucks out here and wegot close to 60 volunteers today helping set up the park which makes it alittle more easier and not such a daunting task for what we are trying to doaround here."

Volunteer Nathan Hanel says, "This is our 3rd or forthtree and it takes a while to do if you are trying to do a good job of wrappingaround branches."

All in all 1 millions lights, and 2 miles worth of extensioncords, will be used to transform the park into what the Kiwanis hope will be anew holiday tradition

Wojcik says, "I'm really excited to see the looks on kidsfaces to be honest, I want to see people come through the park and really enjoythis."

To get an idea of just how many 1 millionChristmas lights are, the average Christmas tree has around 350 lights on it,so imagine the lights from around 3–thousand Christmas trees all packed intoSibley park.

Wojcik says, "It's going to be something after theparade when we flip the switch and everything comes on all at once."

This year it is safe to say the holidays will be a littlebrighter in Sibley Park.

The big reveal will be on the day after Thanksgiving, thenthe park will be open until December 31st.

Organizers say they are already planning on using well overone million lights for next year's holiday light show.

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