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Veterans' Day Memorial Tour

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For the past 20 years, veteran LeRoy Anderson has attended these commemorations. Anderson says, "I don't want to miss any of these ceremonies because everybody in the service is my brother or my sister."

A family of nearly 23 million U.S. veterans Anderson says, "It is something that is really hard to explain, but it's like you're just one being happy family."

Disabled American Veterans Junior Vice Commander Brad Hardt says, "It's a bond that's always there forever and it always will be." It's a day for vets to reunite and remember.

American Legion Commander James Olson says, "They remember what they did, remember friends that they lost."

The Memorial Tour is intended to show appreciation to veterans for their sacrifices and solidify their service. Anderson says, "It just still proves there is a lot of people, that still believe in America and our way of life."