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Heilman Family, Le Sueur County Reach Settlement

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Kasota -

Attorneys for the family of Tyler Heilman and Le Sueur County have reached a settlement over Tyler's death. The family filed the suit after the deputy was cleared of any criminal wrong doing. This settlement puts a legal end to the case that dates back to 2009when Tyler Heilman was shot and killed by Le Sueur County Deputy Todd Waldron. Under the settlement the Heilman's will receive $750,000. You may recall Heilman was shot and killed by Waldron,  who was not in uniform, in front of the Valley View apartment building in Kasota. Waldron had pulled Heilman over for driving erratically and asked for his license but Heilman refused. That's when the two began to scuffle. Witnesses said Heilman had Deputy Waldron in a headlock and was choking him when Waldron grabbed his gun and shot Heilman four times. Heilman was unarmed and only wearing swim trunks.  A grand jury cleared Waldron of any wrong doing. But, Heilman's father filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the deputy and county saying Waldron used unreasonable deadly force. An attorney for Le Sueur County says a settlement made sense in order to avoid the expense of a long drawn out trial. We have a call into Heilman's attorney, but have not yet heard back.