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Mankato Man Dies in Car Accident in Waseca

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WASECA, Minn. -

The Waseca and Mankato community is mourning the loss of a high school football coach tonight.

25 year old Fred Statz was killed while driving home from a football banquet last night. 
Fred Statz has a history with football in southern Minnesota.

Statz is a former player for the MSU-Mankato football team and also played for an area semi-pro team out of Fairmont.  Statz took his knowledge and love of the game to Waseca... where he was a coach for the Waseca Junior Varsity team.

He was working in Mankato as an insurance agent... but it's his impact on the team's young players that will be remembered the most.
That loss is being felt across Waseca today...  Suffered at the intersection of old Highway 14 and County Road 27around 8:00 last night.

Statz's vehicle was in the intersection when and an oncoming semi truck hit his vehicle.