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New Ulm mayor signs proclamation

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The Mayor of New Ulm is making a push to get more residents through the doors of local businesses.

The city's top dog signing a proclamation today, designating November 24th as 'Small Business Saturday.'

Keeping the cash register ringing is important in any community, which is why New Ulm Mayor Bob Beussman drafted a proclamation.

"We need our shoppers to be shopping locally," Beussman said.

Curt Lambrecht, owner of Lambrecht's in New Ulm says from a business standpoint, he approves the mayor's proclamation.

"I think it's a great idea. We're lucky to be in a town where people appreciate their small businesses," Lambrecht said.

Other business owners, such as George Cottom agree.

"Why not even have it more so, a reason to come down and visit everybody up and down the block," Cottom said, owner of George's Fine Steaks & Spirits.

Businesses such as Lambrecht's in New Ulm rely extensively on the fourth quarter in order to finish the year in the black. And that's why business owners such as Lambrecht say the mayor's proclamation can only help them achieve that goal.

"It's very critical, especially at this time of the year," Lambrecht said.

And for Mayor Beussman, keeping the downtown area in-check is a key priority, hence the proclamation.

"It is very, very critical," Beussman said.

And many are hoping that core will see a booming holiday season.

Officials say for every $100 spent in New Ulm, $68 gets reinvested in the community.