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It's The end of the Road for Hostess

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It's the possible end for the iconic, yellow, cream filled sponge cake. The news of Hostess closing its doors came as a huge shock to employees.

Hostess Employee, Marylou Lane says, " I've worked here 11 years and I really like the people that come in here and I like my co-workers and without a job it's going to be really hard."

The closing will mean the loss of about eighteen thousand jobs nationwide.
Thousands of union members went on strike last week after rejecting a contract offer that slashed wages and benefits.

Harold Jacob says, "I wish they wouldn't close their doors, I just found out today and it's disappointing.

The Hostess and Wonder Bread Bakery Outlet has been in Mankato for over 25 years.
Starting tomorrow all products will be half off and  everything that doesn't sell will be donated to the ECHO food shelf."

Customer, Britta Greve says, "It's sad because you can save a lot of money here. It's way cheaper getting stuff here compared to the regular grocery store where I would spend a lot more."

Having to say goodbye to not only the store but also there loyal customers.
Lane says, "It's just really sad we hate to lose them, we're going to miss them all.
Hostess was hurt by a consumer shift toward more wholesome, fresh products. And it was saddled with high pension, wage and medical costs related to its unionized workforce.