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Civic Center Health Concerns After Dozens Get Sick

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A few days after Greater Mankato Growth held a dinner at the Verizon Wireless Center around 50 of the 450 attendees reported having gastrointestinal symptoms. People attending a separate event at the facility also became sick. It is not officially known whether the illnesses and the events are connected and officials are still investigating. As a precaution, the civic center was thoroughly cleaned.

MCHS Mankato's Jessica Sheehy says, it's very important people remember to wash their hands often to prevent catching a virus. Sheehy says, "Just you know kind of being aware of your surroundings if somebody is sick, you know maybe they should go home and they shouldn't be around other people where they could potentially infect them."

She says in general, intestinal viruses can be very contagious, and if you do develop a virus it's important to stay home and drink lots of fluids.