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Property Tax Levy is Proposed to Increase 2.6 Percent

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The council held a discussion on the Street Light Utility and public works budget. The general fund budget includes a 2 percent increase for employee wages and a 3 percent increase in health insurances costs.

The 1.4 percent reduction, which totals over 300,000 reflects the elimination of the library levy and shifting public street light costs, as well as the public safety building levy.

The property tax levy is proposed to increase by 371,000 or 2.6 percent.

Next on the agenda was the Street Light Utility Fee. Approximately $500,000 of funding from the General Fund has been directed to street light costs.

Approximately 28 cities in Minnesota have a street light utility including, Apple Valley, Savage and Stillwater.

Finally there was an update on the Kiwanis Holiday Light Display. With well over one million lights the display will kickoff with a parade at 5p.m. and then the reveal will take place at 6 p.m.

Tomorrow they will have a walk through with the park rangers and make sure everything is ready for show time.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights Secretary, Kyle Mrozek says, "That will also be the first time we test the entire park so flip all the switches. I discussed this with Tanya and it's probably a good idea so everything works with Excel."

The entrance is Sibley Parkway, Vehicles are prohibited from entering from Woodland Avenue, Park Lane and Mound Avenue.

Parking is available by CHS parking located off of Woodland Avenue, near the ball fields off of Sibley Parkway.