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Blue Earth County Attorney Files Appeal - Wants Better Pay For Assistant Attorneys

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The Blue Earth County Board of Commissioners is retaining outside counsel after a salary appeal by the County Attorney's office. Recently, an arbitrator awarded the Assistant County Attorney's cost of living increases. However, throughout negotiations the Assistant County Attorney's have requested a 30–percent increase in wages, which prompted the budget appeal to move to court. Blue Earth County Board Chair, Mark Piepho, said, "It's just regrettable that this has happened we value our county employees and the work they do for the county. We had what we thought was a good proposal moving forward and we're just disappointed that we had to do this wasting tax dollars and resources to have this resolved." The BEC attorney argues, although it may sound like 30 percent is a big increase he says what they are asking for is comparable pay for comparable work. Blue Earth County Attorney, Ross Arneson, said, "I don't think what their request is, is unreasonable. It's six Assistant County Attorneys three women, three men and they are doing very difficult work on very difficult cases and they are in the spotlight every day. The court date for this salary appeal has yet to be decided.