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Local Dog Fetches World-Class Title

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Plenty of dogs can do tricks, from playing fetch, playing dead to rolling over. But it's pretty impressive what this canine can do.

It has been an impressive two year journey with several awards proudly displayed on the wall.
But Bob Sorensen didn't have any agenda training his dog, Shadow into a world champion in the Dock Dogs Extreme Vertical High Flyer.
He simply just wanted another companion.
Trainer and Owner, Bob Sorenson says, "Just to have a dog again and he just loves the water so much like me and I had people telling me he should compete because of how he flies off the dock. I took him into his first competition and he beat the pros and took first place and it took off from there.

Shadow is rated second in the world for an extreme vertical jumping well over seven feet and covering a distance of an impressive 24 feet.
Although he took home the title for second place he was just two inches behind the first place finisher.

Sorenson says, "Made it to 7.6ft his personal best is 7.8ft and he had the bar swinging at 7.8 but he's never gone that high indoor so it was a really neat deal. But Shadow can do more than jump; he can be helpful around the house. Sorenson says, "I open the door and tell him go get the paper and he runs down and is happy for his treat."

Man's best friend meets world class competition and  while Shadow is in his prime bringing home the title first place might be a possibility in the near future but for now Bob says he's very proud.