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Millions Hit The Road For Thanksgiving

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Americans will travel long distances for family and poultry.

Ardys Schultz says, "Whenever I leave town I like tohave a full tank."

Schultz's is one of the 43.6 million Americans AAA estimateswill journey 50 miles or more from home during the Thanksgiving holidayweekend.

"Thirty-nine-point-one [million] will be in a vehicle. Soat AAA we want to make sure that travelers use every precaution they can and besafe this weekend."

Thanksgiving is historically among the busiest and deadliestholiday travel periods of the year. So with more drivers on the road, the statepatrol and other agencies will be beefing up patrol.

Sgt. Jaci Sticha says, "Extra cars on the rode meansextra risk, pus we are celebrating with family."

Troopers will be making sure drivers are sober, obeying thespeed limit, not driving distracted, and wearing their seatbelt.

Lt. Jeremy Geiger says, "If they are driving impaired orthey have any other issues with their driving they can expect to have attentioncalled to that."

With all of the people on the road, traffic can bedaunting...

Schultz says, "It's kind of one of the reasons I didn'tgo to the cities, when I go to Albert Lea, I can take 22, kind of take the backroads."

But troopers say if motorists buckle up, drive at safespeeds, and pay attention, everyone will get to their destination safely.

"We don't want anymore injuries or fatalities,holiday weekends are not the time to turn to tragedy, no weekend is."