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Mount Kato Hopeful For Weekend Chill

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With temperatures climbing close to 70 degrees today, skiing might not be on everyone's mind.  Thankfully for ski enthusiasts, the forecast does call for a cool down Thursday night into Friday.

Snow machines won't be effective today, but they are in position and ready to cover Mt. Kato's 19 trails with fresh powder once the temperatures cool off.  Jeff Putrah, General Manager of Mount Kato says, "Soon as the temps drop off we'll start and with any luck we can run through the day on Friday and Friday night and there's a possibility of having the bunny hill open on Saturday."

Putrah is excited to start the season.  "My hope is that it's a great year... I always look forward to seeing the people" Putrah says.

With last year's warm winter, business was down.  Putrah says, "We did struggle getting people here, it's simply tough to get them here when you don't have snow in the backyard.  They don't believe you can actually have snow which we do..."

Currently, Mount Kato has a surface that is "ready for snow" based off their website but does not have a base.  Mount Kato is open seven days a week from December through March.