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Stores Prepare For Black Friday Madness

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Millions of Americans will soon be hitting the stores to mark the official start to the holiday shopping season.

And getting the stores ready for all those people is a lot of work. At Herberger's in Mankato employees have been preparing for weeks, they have hired 80 extra workers for the holiday season, 40 for Black Friday alone.

Herberger's Manager Duane Jahner says, "We don't want people to have to wait in lines all though we realize there is going to be some of that, but we want to lessen as much of that as possible so we want to make sure we have enough hands to accommodate the customers who are coming in to get these great values."

Unlike some stores, Herberger's will wait until Thanksgiving is over to open its doors at 12 a.m. Friday. The manager says he sees Target opening tomorrow at 9 p.m. and Sears and 8 p.m. as a benefit, because shoppers will be able to make it to all the door busters, rather than just picking one.