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Man prepares Thanksgiving feast for massive crowd

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Tomorrow many families will be gathering at the dinner table to indulge in what is arguably the most delicious meal of the year.

But many people can't afford to put on a Thanksgiving dinner. That's where John Andersen comes in. His mission is to bring people to the dinner table, even if they can't afford to buy a Thanksgiving meal.

"We're going to season the birds right now," said Andersen as he threw salt, oregano, and other seasoning on 12 turkeys at the Salvation Army in Mankato.

For the past several Thanksgivings,  Andersen of the Mankato Elk's club has been preparing Thanksgiving dinner for those who can't afford it or don't have a place to go.

"It's a chance to give back to the community," Andersen said. "It's a chance to see thanksgiving joy in people's faces, and I just enjoy the heck out of it."

As he prepares 12 turkeys, John can't wait to serve up smiles on Thursday.

"It's fun it's great to get together...but it's a great situation to serve food for people who don't have any place to go," Andersen said.

While Andersen prepares the Turkey, others have the other parts of the plates covered.

"We have some guys that come in, their specialty is making dressing, they make the best dressing in town," Andersen said. "Another gentleman comes in, they make the potatoes, another guy makes the gravy."

The free Thanksgiving Dinner will take place Thursday at the Salvation Army in Mankato.

Serving will take place from 11:30 AM until 1:00 PM.