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Shoppers Ditch the Bird for Deals

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Tent? Check. A cot? Check. Plenty to drink? Check. Evenentertainment...

Josh Gale says, "We come prepared with board games,books, we got a little space heater right here."

Gale had everything he needed for a comfortable campingtrip--except he wasn't in the woods; he's on the sidewalk, inline at BestBuy. And he wasn't alone.

Shopper Brandon Emanuelson says, "Jill and I came about10 o'clock last night and we've been here ever since."

Shopper Jillian Dotas says, "We were not taking thechance of not getting a TV so we were like we need to be there early."

And early they were—enough to secure the infamous first spotin line.

Dotas says, "I didn't have socks last night so it was alittle chilly."

Jillian Dotas mom suggested she go for a 40 inch TVdiscounted about $200, for her dorm room.

Dotas says, "She didn't know I was going to be standingin line for 26 hours."

Twenty-six long hours.

Dotas says, "If it was snowing I don't think I would beout there,"

But her and her friends say the deal, and the experience iswell worth it.

Emanuelson says, "I always want the experience of doingit."

Dotas says, "There is not a lot of people that I couldsit out here for 26 hours, so this was the time to do it."

While some people say all of the focus on shopping takes awayfrom the true meaning of the holidays, these hard core shoppers say there's nobetter way to celebrate.

Gale says, "The true meaning of thanksgiving, I can'tsee anything more American that sitting in line to get a gigantic TV."

And how does the saying go? Good things come to those whowait. Or in this case good deals.

The National Retail Federation estimates 147 millionpeople will venture out this Friday, Saturday and Sunday to take advantage ofholiday sales.