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Braving Falling Temps For Hot Deals

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A fairly civil scene Thursday night at Sears in Mankato when the doors opened at 8 p.m.

First in line: Allen Frederickson who couldn't wait to get his $97 32 inch TV. He'd been in line since noon.

Frederickson says, "I have ADHD and I can't sit still so I've been pretty much pacing the whole time and talking to this guy who's been here pretty much after I was."

Also in that line: a group of friends who consider Black Friday a fun tradition they take pretty seriously.

Shopper Brittany Thelemann says, "We have each store laid out. What time they open. What we want at each store. And we also have every coupon you could possibly get."

The next stop for her and her crew...Target where the doors opened at 9.

The entire River Hills Mall opens Friday at 6 a.m!