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People flock to Best Buy In Mankato for Black Friday deals

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The line was a very long one at Best Buy in Mankato Thursday night.

Some people even staked their place out in front of the door more than 24 hours in advance for the Black Friday kickoff. A herd of shoppers set up a perimeter anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight.

Even though temperatures were hovering below freezing, Joe Skelly of Le Sueur didn't seem to mind.

"It's worth standing out--I'm not that cold," Skelly said. "I'm waiting for a GPS, and possibly a TV."

Many people have waited in this line for several hours, braving freezing temperatures in the process, but customers say when they walk out of the store with that hot-ticket item in hand, they say it's well worth the wait.

With just a pane of glass separating the store from the crowd, management finally gave way, and Black Friday kicked off.

And guess who made it to the checkout counter first?....Joe Skelly did.

"I was the first one to check out," Skelly said. "They were all happy...I went up there, I'm like, 'alright I'm ready to check out,'' they're like, 'alright we don't even have anybody at the register yet,' so I'm like 'alright."

And as far as completing his shopping list, Skelly delegated some of the work.

"I got my GPS, that's all I was looking for--I sent my sister for a TV, so she's on her own for that," Skelly said.

Shoppers News 12 spoke with at Best Buy say they didn't encounter any problems with people cutting in line.

Store managers let waves of about 30 people in the store at a time.