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Possible New Sanitation Contract

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A cost–saving move could save money and simplify recycling, some in North Mankato worry about a different cost. North Mankato discovered that by working with Waste Management instead of Hansen Sanitation, residents would save just under two dollars per month on their trash and recycling services. But because Waste Management does a single–sort recycling system instead, the Riverbend Recycling Center in North Mankato could be out a job. The center employs ten workers from MRCI, which provides jobs for people with developmental disabilities. MRCI CEO Brian Benshoof says, "The workers that we work with love that kind of manual labor and you know its kind of a dirty job but we have a lot of people that like to get out there and get their hands on things and it's a very active job you're sorting bottles and paper and all kinds of recyclables as they come down the line."

The council renewed its 2013 contract with Hansen Sanitation for this year, but will reconsider it for next year's contract.