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Council Looking to Keep Unwelcome Visitors out of Local Trees

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Mankato city ordinance limits the amount of houses that can be rented out in a given area.
But owners of a new development are looking to change that asking the City Council to amend the Rental License Density Map.
It's not a question of if Mankato's Ash trees will be infested with Emerald Ash Borer, but rather when. That's according to Gary Johnson from the University of Minnesota he presented an inventory of trees report to members of the council this evening.

One out of six trees both private and public are Ash trees, which are vulnerable to Emerald Ash Borer but the trees can be saved even after they have been infested.
Gary Johnson says, "There are a lot of trees worthy of consideration of protection and they are great chemicals out there to help, overall it's a good report for the city."

It will cost $75 to $85 per tree for three years if the city decides to do preventative treatment.
The closest infestation of Ash trees is in the Twin Cities. Next, the council amended the Rental License Density Map, not limiting the 25 percent rental restriction so it includes property that being developed. The master plan was created over five years ago.
Mankato city manager Pat Hentges, says,  "Developing the parcel town homes as a rental project is really consistent with the 2005 master plan."

And finally, a public hearing is proposed for December 10th to discuss the 2013 Budget for Streetlights. Five hundred thousand dollars is proposed to be shifted from the general fund to a street light utility fund.