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Training Day for River Valley Tactical Team

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At the old US Bank in Mankato today, it looked like a scene from Training Day.

The River Valley Tactical Team was performing their monthly training exercises in the empty building.  Using special training firearms and ammunition, the team ran through armed robbery and hostage scenarios.  It was very quiet in the building.  Using technology like whisper microphones and hand signals, the team was able to communicate silently.

The tactical team practices ten hours every month, plus three additional days of training.  This training ensures that the team is prepared for anything.  Paul Hagen, Team Commander of the River Valley Tactical Team says, "If we don't prepare, then we aren't going to be able to respond effectively and efficiently for the public."

The River Valley Tactical Team would be called in for high risk situations where lives could be in danger.  Hagen says, "Hopefully we'll never have to use any training like this active shooter type thing or armed robberies at a bank..."