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Update: Search Continues For Missing Mother and Children

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The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office continues their search for two children, after authorities say they were kidnapped.
Now authorities across the nation are alerted to the search for Reina Gandarilla, the 21-year-old mother who is accused of taking them out of a foster home.
Authorities have been working hard all day long on this investigation and have followed up on various leads. However, at this point they have not been able to locate the two children.
The trouble began back in September, when Blue Earth County Human Services received a report detailing concerns for the children.
According to court documents Gandarilla's parental rights were terminated because she was unable to care for her two children, and was not providing adequate living conditions.
According to the Human Services report, Gandarilla had been homeless and getting assistance from the Reach program.

One of her cousins was placed in housing in Mankato. But Gandarilla was told she could not stay there and would have to leave on September 13.

Two weeks later, a mandated reporter stopped by the residence and said the home had a "foul, rotten smell, and was very cluttered." Court documents go on to say there were dirty diapers left out on the counter. The four month old smelled awful and had a soaked diaper with dried milk all over her. The other child, Isiaah, had a bruise on his forehead and a welt on his leg.

Later on in October, officials forcibly entered the home, where Gandarilla was staying illegally.
Court documents show deputies found marijuana and drug paraphernalia and her two kids.
Now with the kids missing, the hunt is on to find them and the mother. But authorities don't believe the kids are in physical danger.

Capt. Rich Murry says, "There's issues in the family otherwise they wouldn't have been placed in foster care so there are safety issues with that. But we're not concerned that she took the kids with the intent of harming them."

Officials say the children and the mother were living together at this foster home in Blue Earth County in what's known as 'whole family foster care.

Murry says, "They had a recent order that allowed the whole family, foster care where they all moved in together, probably about two weeks ago, so the goal again was to transition back to independent living." 
A nationwide alert has been sent out and authorities are asking for the public's help.
Officials are looking into the possibility that Gandarilla is heading to Chicago where she has family.