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Le Sueur County Completes it's Portion of the Senate Recount

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The recount for Minnesota Senate Seat 20 continued on Thursday.

This time around it was election officials in Le Sueur county combing over ballots one-by-one.
The election between DFL incumbent Kevin Dahle and Republican Challenger Mike Dudley was a close one, with Dahle emerging 78 votes ahead.

"It's moving along very well," said Carol Blaschko, Le Sueur County elections administrator.
After the ballots were recounted in Le Sueur county, here is how the county results ended up.

Kevin Dahle clocked in with 5,294 votes, while Republican Challenger Mike Dudley scored 6,067.
Only one ballot was challenged today and that was by Dudley's campaign.

Dahle gained two votes, and Dudley scored an additional three. However, election officials say if that one ballot challenge is accepted by the state, Dahle would only receive one additional vote, not two in Le Sueur County.
"There were over 41,000 votes cast in this race, and I think both sides want to make sure all 41,000 of those votes are looked at and counted," said Brian Rice, attorney representing Kevin Dahle.
Campaign representatives for Mike Dudley declined to comment on-camera today about the recount.
The recount will continue for District 20, as election officials and candidate representatives  will pour over ballots in Scott County on Friday.