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No Compromise Yet On Capitol Hill

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While some have begun the countdown to Christmas others have a different countdown going: the fiscal cliff deadline that is just 32 days away. The White House sent lawmakers a proposal to reduce the deficit - but Republicans call the plan ludicrous.

President Obama is taking his fiscal cliff argument to the suburbs of Philadelphia. He's making the campaign style trip to drum up public support for his plan and put pressure on Republicans. The White House wants to extend tax cuts for the middle class but raise taxes on households making more than 250-thousand dollars a year.

Republicans flat out reject the plan and say it will hurt small businesses just coming through the recession.  The GOP released a video highlighting another Pennsylvania company just a few miles from the President's stop.

Both sides need to reach a deal before automatic spending cuts and tax hikes kick-in January first. But one former lawmaker tells us that "compromise" has become a dirty word in Washington.  Former Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln worked with Republicans to balance the budget in the 90's - but she lost re-election after helping President Obama pass his healthcare legislation. She says the tone on Capitol Hill has changed dramatically since she first arrived in Washington.