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A Visit From Brazil

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Flying more than 5,000 miles to Minnesota, ten Brazilian diplomats hope to learn more about community policing. Special agent at the U.S. Embassy in Brasilia, Brazil Jack Thompson says, "Mankato was chosen because it is considered I believe the epicenter of community policing, it is a model of community policing."

The group hopes to implement a similar model to Recife, Brazil, an area known for its high crime rate. Translator Plauto Dossantos says, "They work with unprivileged communities and trying to solve issues and increase the quality of life in communities affected by drug trafficking and domestic violence and of that nature."

Mankato Public Safety Director Todd Miller says Mankato takes community policing to the next level with community governance. Miller says, "We involve more than just the police, its involving all city departments and spending more time with community."

The visit provides and opportunity to exchange ideas and hopefully learn from each other. Thompson says, "When they come here on their exchanges it's a true exchange of ideas its not a one way path, they're bringing something to the American level of law enforcement as well."