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No Progress Made Toward Avoiding Fiscal Cliff

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There are still no signs of progress between Democrats and Republicans as the year-end deadline to avoid takes hikes and spending cuts inches closer. No face to face talks between top leaders are scheduled, but President Obama is continuing his push to sell his plan to the American public.

President Obama asked business leaders this morning to support his plan to prevent a fiscal crisis. The president wants Bush-era tax breaks to expire for households making $250,000 or more. Republicans are adamantly opposed to that.

Republicans are also pressing their case with the public. House GOP leaders invited small business owners to Capitol Hill for a meeting today. Republicans argue that any tax increases will cripple small businesses and Max Olson agrees. Olson opened his insurance agency this year. He says the uncertainty over a looming tax hike is holding up his plans to hire more employees. 
 Both sides have proposals on the table to steer clear of the fiscal cliff.. but so far.. neither Republicans of Democrats appear ready to blink when it comes to taxes rates for wealthy Americans. Republicans say the ball is in the President's court and say he should deliver an offer that can pass Congress.