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MnDOT Snow Ready, Bust with Projects

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MANKATO, Minn. -

MNDOT says its ready to go for the winter season, but with alack of snow, work is being directed to other areas.

Trucks have been inspected, snowplows have been installed,and the salt has been stock piled.

But without much for snow, MnDOT has been able to use theextra time and money to patch roads, trim trees, and even clean out ditches.

MnDOT Maintenance Supervisor Jerry Krebs maintenancesuperintendent, "It's allowed us to catch up a little bit, the previoustwo winter before the lat where extremely hard on our resources so we fellbehind on a lot of our winter type maintenance."

MnDOT says this year's construction season, which started inMarch, is one of the longest they have seen.

This past year their maintenance surface repairprogram got to twice as many roads as usual, which means the lack of snowwill help drivers have a smoother ride.