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2013 Farm Bill Has Yet To Be Finalized

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With many food programs that rely on funding from the Bill, now is a crucial time for it to be finalized.

The senate passed its version of the Farm Bill in early summer while the House Agriculture Committee's version failed to reach the House floor.

One of the big differences in the Senate and House version of the Farm Bill is trying to work through budget savings.

However, both support cutting direct payments to farmers but adding a safety net to protect crop insurance.

Kent Thiesse says, "Most farmers you ask, the number one thing they want to see in a new farm bill it would be let's have a solid crop insurance program and keep it affordable because that's their best risk management plan."

Senator Al Franken says one in five Minnesota jobs are related to Agriculture. The senate passed a very bipartisan bill in the senate with 64 votes, and it aims to save $23 billion to pay off the deficit.

Franken says, "It should be done by the end of the year to give reassurance to farmers. I've been all around Minnesota, I've been to a farm near Mankato our farmers want this bill passed."

Thiesse says the most likely scenario is the current Farm Bill will be extended to 2013 and congress will finalize a new bill in the 2013 session.