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Developer Proposing a $20 Million Makeover to Mankato

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Downtown Mankato could soon be getting a makeover.

A developer called Tailwind Group is proposing a two-phase expansion to the Key City.

The first part of the project would be to construct a six-story building at the corner of Riverfront Drive and Warren Street.

The second phase involves tearing down the Red Sky Lounge and Miller Motors, and then building a five-story mixed use facility.

City officials say the move would add 30 new jobs.

"The downtown has a lot going for it, a lot of positive energy and momentum, and this continues that momentum that exists already," said Paul Vogel, City of Mankato community development director.

Officials say construction on the $20 million project could happen as early as next spring.

Approximately $5 million public dollars are slated to be used for the plan.