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Behind the Scenes Look When the Lights go out at Sibley Park

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The Kiwanis Holiday Lights display has been up and running for almost two weeks now but after the park closes there is still important work that needs to be done.

Every night after the last visitor exits, the lights at Sibley Park go out and a crew of around 10 brave volunteers arrive to take turns patrolling the grounds.

Raymond Wheeler says it usually takes around 20 minutes to walk through the park, while paying attention to every detail.
Security Volunteer, Raymond Wheeler says, "When we are walking through we want to check these wires to make sure everything is together. We'll check

Their shift runs from 10:30 until 7:30 in the morning. And when they aren't patrolling the area, volunteers have turned this trailer into part security operations, part study hall.

And even in the early morning hours, while the town is asleep. These volunteers are wide awake making it their priority to protect the display.
Security Volunteers, "Having random walkthroughs and the cops coming through and people with checking everything and making sure not only will the displays come on the next day and that they are plugged in but that nothing was vandalized and it's important with an access of $100,000 of equipment you have to protect it."

Most of the security volunteers are part of an MSU fraternity called Tau Kappa Epsilon.
One of their reasons for volunteering is to banish the stereotypes associated with fraternities while making a difference in the community.

Raymond Wheeler says, "I'm grateful they gave us this opportunity to help them with something that's never been brought to the Mankato community before."

While the glory may take place when the display is up and running these volunteers working behind the scenes in the dark make sure future visitors will continue to have a safe and enjoyable holiday lights experience.

The Kiwanis holiday lights display will run until December 31st.