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Law Enforcement Holds Unique Anti-Drunk Driving Event

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Christmas and New Year's Eve are fast approaching, and with it comes increased drunk driving enforcement. 
It's an early holiday party, and law enforcement is providing the booze.
Minnesota State Patrol Captain Lori Hodapp says, "We want to demonstrate what one drink will do, what two drinks will do, three drinks. Give the visual, the sound bites of the people and how they feel. And we really want to get this out because drinking and driving is what causes a great amount of death in our state."
The Minnesota State Patrol is hosting participants from Radio Mankato, Three Eagles, the Waseca County News and a Blue Earth County Commissioner... trying to the show the public exactly how alcohol affects their fine motor skills.
From early on...
".009. one drink. Wow."
Up into the .04 mark.
"I feel ok to drive."
New Country 93 intern Luke Werner aced his field sobriety tests at .04, though felt he still shouldn't drive.
By the time .09 rolled around, the tests were turning the other way.
"I'd make arrangements before time."
Over the course of the two hour drinking session, the six participants drank between ten and thirteen drinks, and registered a blood alcohol level between .06 and .12
And while the legal limit is .08 - those patrolling the roads say even .03, or two shots of alcohol will impair your driving.