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Walz Pushes End Around On GOP Leadership

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MANKATO, Minn. -

The fiscal cliff debate will continue through the weekend with President Obama and House Speaker Boehner.

But Congressman Tim Walz has introduced a plan to forgo that grand bargain. 
It's called a discharge petition... a move that would allow a majority of Representatives to pass legislation without going through the leadership of the House, currently held by Republicans.
Congressman Walz's plan needs 27 GOP crossovers to add to all the Democrats, and would keep most of the Bush tax cuts and a host of other popular giveaways - leaving out the necessary spending cuts involved in the fiscal cliff, as well as allowing the lower tax rates for rich Americans to expire.
Walz says, "I think if Republicans want to make the case that the tax cuts for the top 2% stay in, then go ahead and made that argument and we'll have a vote on it. I don't think they're going to win. But what I'm saying is that I'm not saying this to put them in a bind. I'm certainly going to be asked to take tough votes on spending and more than willing to do it."

The Walz way would only be a loser for Republicans, and he says he wants rates to go up, rather than take away tax loopholes like the GOP desires.

And absent from any discussion is where the spending cuts are going to come from to allow the debt ceiling to be lifted.

That's where the national debate could get the roughest.

Walz says, "The amount that government spends has to be equal to the amount they're taking in. that can be done in several ways. It can be done by cutting spending, which has to be done. It can be done by raising some revenue, which has to be done. My point is that when you do those two things, make sure the third part is there. How do you grow the economy and make more money and more progress."