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Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter

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Vehicles operate best in the Goldilocks zone — not too hot and not too cold.

In Minnesota, however, that is rarely the case.

That's why proper maintenance of your vehicles is so important.

Service Rack owner and mechanic Arlo Zander says now that the temperatures have dropped and roads are slippery, don't get caught with bald tires,a bad battery, or old oil.

Zander says, "We just came off of a nice fall, people were golfing a week ago, and here we are now we got snow on the ground, we got ice, we've got cold and in order to have a car that starts good it has to be properly tuned and taken care of."

Zander says that when you start bundling up, it's time for your car to get attention too.

It is also a good idea to carry along jumper cables, blanket, water, and food just in case you do have car trouble or end up in the ditch.