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Selling Snowmobiles For The Trail

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KASOTA, Minn. -

Snow on the ground may be a pain for some, but for many it signals the time to bring out, or in this case buy, some winter toys.

Jerry Vetter, Manager of Vetter Sales and Service, says, "You know there's nothing like having snow in the snowmobile business!"  Sales of snowmobiles and other winter power equipment spiked this weekend thanks to our winter storm.  Most received over three inches of snow, meaning many were eager to blaze a trail on a new snowmobile.

The trails are being groomed now and signs are being placed along the trail.  Should the weather hold, the trails should be ready for the weekend.  Many rushed in to buy when they saw the snow falling.  Vetter says, "Actually this year has been a little guarded for the simple reason that we didn't have much snow last year.  Now with the snow on the ground that's turned completely around.  It's tremendous the amount of business and what we actually see.  Really people's attitudes are so much better having a little snow on the ground, especially before Christmas."

Trail information can be found off the DNR's website: as well as a variety of apps for your smartphone.