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Golden Apple Award

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WASECA, Minn. -

A very special teacher in Waseca brings lots of energy to her job and that makes Jean Borgman our latest Golden Apple Award winner.

Jean Borgman is an Early Childhood Special Education teacher at Waseca Public School.  She works with children who need just a little more help adjusting to the structure of kindergarten.  Borgman's energy really lights up the classroom, but her and her paraprofessionals agree, this is too much fun to be work.

The kids may be a little too young to fully appreciate Borgman's dedication to them, but faculty and district members cannot say enough just how appreciative they are of Borgman's compassion.  John Huttemier, Principal, says "She has just been an absolute blessing and we're lucky to have her."

They held a small assembly this morning to show their gratitude for all her hard work.  Elementary aged students packed into the gym and gave Borgman a loud round of applause.

Kelly Tomford, friend and Paraprofessional says that Borgman is "Inspirational, she teaches us a lot, she makes us want to learn more about what we're doing so it's a lot of fun."

With Waseca being such a small community, Borgman has the opportunity to see her students in as well as out of the classroom.  "They are a part of my life, and I'm a part of theirs" says Borgman.  "It's a privilege and I am humbled by the award" she adds.

Congratulations Ms. Borgman on December's Golden Apple Award!