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Cornish: Arm Teachers to Protect Against Further School Shootings

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The latest shooting in Connecticut is bringing attention once again to the issue of gun control.

Minnesota Rep. Betty McCollum is calling for immediate action to end gun violence now.

She says Congress and President Obama need to end the proliferation of guns, and not let the National Rifle Association stand in the way of what she calls 'common sense gun laws.'

But while state representative Tony Cornish believes legislation can help, he holds the opposite view of what lawmakers should do.

"Israel had a problem with this years ago, and they started letting teachers carry guns and it solved the problem, says Cornish, a Republican from Good Thunder. "Other state in our nation have passed laws allowing teachers to carry firearms, and I've heard from a number of parents that agree with this."

Cornish says that while liaison officers can offer some armed presence and security in schools, the state needs to go further. 

"In fact I had a policeman tell me tonight that we need to arm our teachers because they can't be everywhere."

President Obama briefly talked about violence and guns in his address the day of the shooting, but offered no specific plans for follow through.