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Shawn Shoen is Jefferson Good People Award Winner

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Shawn Shoen enlisted in the Marine Corps, right after high school.  He thought he'd be retiring right about now, but that all changed 21 years ago.

Shawn says, "I was hit by a drunk driver while walking on base at Camp Lejeune. I lost my leg."

He found a way to continue serving his country and his community

"If I see someone that needs help, I just help them."  A resident of Fairmont, he is serving as Commander of the local chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. "The method of madness with the DAV is that all our work and all the funds we raise will go to help Veterans."

He's no stranger to helping those he doesn't know as well.

"One day in July, such a hot, hot day, I saw a woman at Wal Mart with her son who was in a full body cast. She was driving from cities to Sioux Falls and the air conditioning went out in her car. The kid was just burning up.  So I said, get in my truck. I have air conditioning and I'll take you home."

Love of family, community and country drives his life.

Shawn Shoen a KEYC Jefferson Good People award winner.