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Megan Ulrich Is This Month's Rising Star

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In a room full of high school students, Megan Ulrich stands out. Toni Hames says, "Megan is an outgoing person. She loves to get to know people and she loves to be involved. She gives 110 percent to everything she does."

And boy is she involved at East High School. She's on the softball team, and student council. She is a member of the Positive Learning Committee and Link Crew. She extends that involvement to her community where she serves on the school board's student advisory council and volunteers through her church.

Megan says, "Being involved builds a sense of community. You get to meet people, learn new things and have pride in yourself for helping others." Her student council advisor Toni Hames says her peers certainly benefit from just knowing her.

Toni says, "She's a great role model. There are kids in our school that are definitely all the better for knowing Megan and having her as a part of their lives." Megan Ulrich, a KEYC Rising Star.