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Last Minute Holiday Shopping

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Between the large crowds and loud noise, most shoppers want to get their shopping done and over with as soon as possible. But John Shoemaker loves it. Shoemaker says, "You just mainly to see all the activity here, its such a nice place."

According to the National Retail Federation November through December can account for nearly 40 percent of a store's annual sales. Team Leader Brandon Scheel says lots of the last minute items are larger items that people wouldn't be able to hide in their house for long periods of time. Scheel says, "Kayaks, icehouses, you know that sort of stuff."

And as it creeps closer to Christmas, more men move through the malls. Herberger's Duane Jahner says, "We see a lot more men in the last three days before Christmas than we see all year."

Last minute shopper Brad Geelan says, "Because we're men and we procrastinate a lot."

The lines may lengthen and get a little loud, but Shoemaker says the more the merrier. Shoemaker says, "It's just the whole ambience."