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Winter Storm Creates Havoc in South, East

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At least three people are dead after a series of Christmas day tornadoes and snow storms ripped through the Nation's midsection.

Today, people in the affected areas are assessing the damage.

 The clean up is beginning in the gulf states, after a series of tornadoes hit on Christmas day.

In Mobile Alabama, Twisters ripped roofs off homes, In Texas, trees toppled. All in all, more than 100,000 are without power across most of the south.

The National weather recorded at least 34 tornadoes from Texas to Alabama.

The same storm system is bringing snow to the Midwest from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania.

Blizzard warnings are out from Arkansas to Maine - In Indianapolis, white out conditions making driving treacherous. Some areas saw more that a foot of the white stuff.

 The storm caused the cancellation of more than 500 flights on Christmas day, hundreds more are expected today.

For Victor Caballero, his flight back home to Los Angeles will have to wait.  He said is flight was cancelled, so, "We got stuck for the day and we're not going to leave until 6pm tomorrow."

 This storm is now headed east with snow, freezing rain and high winds. .

 And Mother Nature isn't finished; another storm is expected to hit those same areas this weekend.