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Successful Shopping Season for River Hills Mall

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Mall madness continues in Mankato as holiday shopping gives way to holiday returns and those looking to hit up after Christmas sales.

At the River Hills Mall in Mankato, general manager Paul Wilke says the day after Christmas is historically a big one for retailers.

Wilke says, "After Christmas sales, kids are off school, parents are taking vacation days, so it's one of the busier days of the shopping season."

In fact, Wilke says he expects around 50,000 people through the mall Thursday just adding to what is already considered a successful retail season here.

Wilke says, "We haven't looked at the numbers yet, but it looks like single digit numbers with traffic up this year over last year. So far it's been really, really good."

Wilkie says factors to the sales success this year are good weather and an extended shopping season with an extra weekend between Thanksgiving and Christmas.