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No Farm Bill Would Hurt Farmers & Consumers

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The fiscal cliff isn't the only thing that may affect us. If Congress doesn't pass a farm bill, we could also have the "dairy cliff."

Failure to pass a farm bill before the end of the year is expected to have significant consequences, including the potential that the price of milk will soar as high as 8 dollars.

Minnesota Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap says not having policies in place is especially hard on farmers.

MN Farm Bureau President Kevin Paap says, "It brings so much uncertainly in agriculture, we don't know what's going on, we are making decisions for next years crop already, but we don't have a the farm bill, same thing with conservation, same thing with nutrition programs, we need certainty as we move forward."

There has been talk of an extension of the 2008 legislation, but Paap says what we really need is a 5 year comprehensive farm bill, and there is still time to pass one.