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Successful First Year for Kiwanis Holiday Lights

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MANKATO, Minn. -

When the lights first went up in Sibley Park, organizers hoped to bring in around 50 thousand visitors and around 8 or 9 tons food for those in need.

Kiwanis Holiday Lights President Scott Wojcik says, "We've exceeded those expectations, to date we have had 25,000 cars come through Sibley, and we have had about 85,000 people."

Not to mention over 11 tons of food for 12 local food shelves. Kiwanis Holiday Lights President Wojcik says they haven't quite figured out how much money has been raised, but he expects to break even and have money to give to the non–profits that helped volunteer with the display.

Wojcik says, "We are really happy with the generosity of the people that have come through the park."

The last night to see the lights is December 31st, then just like all of the lights went up, they will also have to be taken down.

Wojcik says, "It took us five weekends to set up and we are going to try to tear it down in a matter of a few days, so we are going to need a lot of people helping us take it down and store it safely away."

And long before the over one million lights used this year get taken down, organizer already have plans to make next year's display even brighter.

Wojcik says, "We are going to be putting more lights up. It doesn't seem like you can get more out there but there are some spots we get more out there and increase the numbers."

There are also things they can improve on, like traffic flow and working out the kinks with the FM transmitters for music, but as far as rookie years go, this one was pretty successful.

Wojcik says, "We have been really excited to see how many people have come through here and embraced a new tradition in Mankato."

If you are interested in helping take down the lights, you can just stop by Sibley Park anytime 9 AM to sundown on January first and second, meet at the heating tent, and lunch will be provided for volunteers.