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Brown County Looks To Add a 2nd Feedlot Inspector

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Feedlot operators in Brown County could soon see another inspector keeping an eye on their facilities.

A plan is in the works to hire a county feedlot technician. The move would add a second inspector to the payroll.

Of the many feedlots in Brown County, there is only person inspecting them. That person is Desiree Hohenstein.

"I just really hope as we move forward, the board would consider this position carefully," Hohenstein said. "We have 11 departments under Planning and Zoning, feedlot being one of them, and it takes a lot of time."

Hohenstein is hoping the county ultimately gives the green light to hire a feedlot technician to help with inspections.

"So having a technician that would be able to assist in some of those other day-to-day operations, would really help alleviate some of the other pressures so we can focus on other things," Hohenstein said.

But not so fast says commissioner Andrew Lochner.

"First you start with education," Lochner said.

Lochner says many livestock producers are in compliance, and adds he's not all on-board with more enforcement.

"We don't want to bug the producers anymore than we have to...we don't care for another enforcer just to go out with a heavy hand," Lochner said.

Officials say there are more than 500 feedlots in Brown County, and the fact of the matter is most of them have not been inspected.

"Our goal is to inspect every feedlot once every four years, as part of the registration update process," said Hohenstein.

Right now, officials say 40-50 feedlots are inspected on an annual basis. If a second inspector is added, county officials estimate about 100 feedlots would be inspected each year.

On Thursday the county board referred the position request to the Personnel Advisory Committee.

If the position is ultimately approved by the county, the new feedlot technician could be on the job this upcoming March.