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MN Packers Fans Excited For Sunday Match up as Well

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MANKATO, Minn. -

Playoffs come early for the Vikings this Sunday as they need to win to get in.

And their opponents, the Green Bay Packers, along with Packer fans, are treating the game accordingly. 
Though we live in the heart of Minnesota, that doesn't mean there aren't plenty of opposing forces wishing for a cheesehead victory on Sunday.
Brandon Scheel, the store leader at the Mankato Scheels store says, "We sell Vikings about 10:1 over Packers through most of the year. And with a game this important for everybody, it's closer to 50-50 this week... as much as I hate to admit it."

From apparel sales at Scheels, to Spinners, the local Packers bar, the Green Bay ex-patriots are making their own push to support their team in the run-up to Sunday.

Though the Midwest demeanor tends to ease the tensions between the two sides.
Spinners Owner Shawn Ange says, "It's always been kind of unique - when we play at the Metrodome, the Vikings fans will try to fill up the bar a little earlier to weed out some of the Packer fans. Hopefully my fellow Packer fans will get here early."

In the last meeting, Adrian Peterson ran roughshod over the Green Bay defense, and if he matches that output this weekend, he'll capture the NFL's single season rushing mark.

And that'll be fine to the Packer faithful, so long as Peterson's teams gets a loss, and an early end to the season in the process.

Ange says, "If he gets the record, more power to him and the Vikings organization. Because he deserves it. Hopefully one way or another we can come out of there with a W."

The only worry for Vikings fans - it may not be up to AP.