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Hoffner Requesting Investigation Reports Stay Sealed

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Judge Krista Jass granted a temporary restraining order to allow Todd Hoffner's attorneys to review investigation reports in his dismissed child porn case in order to keep them from becoming public. 
"To protect my clients privacy, that's all this is."

Media interest has always been high in the case, and that interest continued after the case was thrown out.

Now attorneys for Todd Hoffner are seeking to block aspects of the investigation reports relating to Hoffner's dismissed child porn case from becoming public.
"It's his little kids. This is about his little kids. There's interviews with his children in there. There's private information from the inside of his home. There's picture, there's financial data that we know of, and we believe we're entitled to protect that."

Fleming will develop a list of things Hoffner wants sealed, and Judge Jass will then rule on that request.

But according to Fleming, it's not following the usual protocol.

Fleming says, "Now normally what happens is the county attorneys office makes that determination. They, for some reason, aren't choosing to do that and we don't know why."

Determination on exactly which details can be made public is expected to come back from the judge sometime next month.